How to Sort Alphabetically in Excel

In this tutorial, you will learn how to sort alphabetically in Excel.

You can use the filter tool to identify the crucial elements you require by filtering a column of data within a table. You can use the sorting tool to sort alphabetically, number, alphabetical order, and other criteria. The use of sorting and filtering is explored in the example that follows, along with some sophisticated sorting methods.

Once ready, we’ll get started by utilizing real-world examples to show you how to sort alphabetically in Excel.

Sort Alphabetically

Before we begin we will need a group of data to be used to sort alphabetically in Excel.

Step 1

First, you need to have a clean and tidy group of data to work with.

Step 2

To sort your data, simply select the entire data group, select the ‘Sort & Filter’ icon and select ‘Filter’.

Step 3

Now your data group will show a dropdown arrow. This dropdown allows you to customise how you wish to sort your data group. In this example, we will sort the students by their names alphabetically. To do so, simply press ‘Ascending’.

Step 4

Once you are done, your data group will be sort to show the students’ names alphabetically in ascending order.


That’s all there is to it. You are welcome to copy the example spreadsheet below to see how it is done. The most crucial lesson is to enjoy yourself while doing it.

In this tutorial, I covered how to sort alphabetically in Excel.