How to Select a Random Sample in Excel

In this tutorial, you will learn how to select a random sample in Excel.

Process performance can be tracked using basic graphical tools called Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts. They are used to determine the kind of process variation that exists. They point out areas that might need more research.

Once you are ready, we can get started by using real-life scenarios to help you understand how to select a random sample in Excel.

Select a Random Sample

Before we begin we will need a group of data to be used to select a random sample in Excel.

Step 1

Make sure your group of data is displayed in a clean and tidy manner in the first sheet.

Step 2

In this example, we want to select 20 emails to send a reward to by random. To do that we will use the RAND function and insert this formula =RAND().

Step 3

We then sort the random numbers from smallest to largest value.

Step 4

Once you are done, you can select the first 10 emails.