How To Calculate Average in Google Sheets

If you need to calculate the average of a set of numbers, then you can use Google Sheets to do so.

It’s a simple process that only takes a few clicks.

In this article, we will show you how to do it.

We will also provide an example so that you can see how it works.

Let’s get started!

How to Calculate Average in Google Sheets

Calculating the average of a dataset seems like a very straightforward task.

However, it can be pretty taxing in cases where you have to deal with multiple values simultaneously.

Manually adding and dividing numbers takes quite a long time to perform.

Thankfully, spreadsheet applications like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel have good options for performing averaging.

Calculating Average in Google Sheets

Suppose this is the dataset we will use for the succeeding methods.

We want to find the average of this particular student’s grades.


Method 1. Using the “Functions” button

        Step 1. Load up your sheet


Step 2. Highlight the desired cells

Left-click your mouse, hold and drag the cursor over your desired range of cells.

This should make the selected cells appear with a blue border/highlight.


Step 3. Click on the “Functions” button

The “Functions” button is the last button in Google Sheet’s toolbar.


The “Functions” button should lead you to this drop-down menu.


Step 4. Click on the “Average” option

The “Average” option is the second option in the drop-down menu.


The “Average” option should automatically add the appropriate AVERAGE formula to the formula bar and the cell below your selected dataset.


Step 5. Click “Enter” on your keyboard

Clicking the “Enter” button on your keyboard should automatically show the average on the cell with the added formula.


Method 2. Using the AVERAGE formula

This method entails manually inputting the AVERAGE formula and the coordinates of the desired cells into the formula bar.

Step 1. Load up your sheet


Step 2. Locate your desired cell range’s coordinates

The cell range’s coordinates are at each end of the sheet.

The coordinates consist of a column letter and a row number.

From this example, we can identify that the coordinates of the desired data are from B2 to B8.


Step 3. Click on the cell you want the calculated average to appear

A blue border should surround the selected cell.


Step 4. Input the AVERAGE formula

Click on the formula bar and input the AVERAGE formula together with the cell range. The formula should look like this:



        Step 5. Click “Enter” on your keyboard

Clicking the “Enter” button on your keyboard should automatically show the average on the cell you initially selected.


Method 3. Using the Quick View Box

This method is more or less a bonus method as it only provides a quick view of the average of your dataset.

It does not add any data to your spreadsheet.

Step 1. Highlight your desired cells

Left-click, hold and drag your cursor over the cells with the data you want to average.

Highlighted cells should appear light blue with a darker blue border.


Step 2. Click on the button found at the bottom right portion of your sheet and then click on the “Average” option


This button is beside the star-shaped explore one. By default, it will show the sum of your highlighted cells.

Clicking on it should show the following drop-down menu:


Click on the “Avg” option with the preview of the dataset’s average.

Clicking on it should replace the sum button with a preview of the average.



That’s the end of this tutorial.

We hope this article helps you learn how to calculate Average in Google Sheets.